Flame & Skewers caters Mediterranean food for all kinds of events and occasions.

Mediterranean Food Catering for all types of events and occasions

Flame & Skewers offers Mediterranean food catering for all kinds of occasions, including dinner parties, birthday parties, wedding receptions, office parties, corporate functions and conferences. We will work with you to fit our spread of food to your budget for your special event.

At Flame & Skewers, we offer an excellent and tasty selection of catered cuisine at reasonable prices. Our specialty is Mediterranean food including lamb, chicken, shawarma, baklava, falafel, and hummus. Impress your guests and make your event special with gourmet dishes from our restaurant. You will find our Mediterranean cuisine to be fresh, simple, and absolutely delicious.

Catering Packages

Prices subject to change.


Prices subject to change.


If ordering any salad to use as a side dish, you can usually order for half your headcount. Prices subject to change.


Prices subject to change.


Prices subject to change.


Prices subject to change.